Friday, February 25, 2011

Sugar and Dairy Free Cake

So this was one of the most interesting cakes I have made to date. I got asked to make a sugarless and dairy free cake for a friend of a friends birthday. It was hard enough trying to find recipes that were both sugar free and dairy free, but then trying to decorate with that kind of icing was not easy. I ended up scratching the idea to use the sugar free icing for decorations. I used fondant to decorate and just let her know that they needed to be taken off before eating since fondant does contain sugar. I am still not sure how it turned out since I did not partake in the birthday festivities, but I am hoping it was at least edible for the birthday boy and his friends. It was definitely a challenging cake, and one that if I ever have to make again, might try to find some different recipes and test them out before sending it off with someone.

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