Friday, February 25, 2011

Flower Cake for Nikki

My friend Nikki has always done a lot for me, so a few days before one of my recent hair appointments I decided that she needed to have one of my cakes. Mind you, her father and stepmother own the best bakery in Simi Valley! The cake is chocolate with buttercream.. I know, I need to branch out a little more. I get it. The flowers are made out of gum paste, but all other accents are buttercream. I just wanted to do something fun and delicious for Nikki. She totally loved it. From what I remember, I had one heck of a time with this cake. The first batch of chocolate cakes I made, I forgot to grease the pans. When I tried to remove them, both cakes crumbled into unsavable pieces. It was a daunting task, that is for sure, but the end result came out beautifully. After the crumbling of multiple cakes, a friend of mine mentioned that it could be that I had changed flour. Indeed, it was. When I changed back to the flour I had been using everything has gone off without a hitch. Who knew something like the brand of flour you use could make such a drastic difference? Certainly not I.

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