Friday, February 25, 2011

Starting A New

Hey there! I have started this new blog Stoked on Cake as a way to start fresh with a name I will be using when selling cakes. When I first started blogging about my cakes, I wanted something fun but was not thinking in terms of a business name. After my cakes started selling, I figured that I may need a little more than just a friendly cake name that many people have and are using. Stoked on Cakes is a pretty fitting business name for me since my last name is Stokes. All I have heard my entire life is "Stokes is Stoked." So, what better name for a business!

On this site you will find cakes and other delicious treats that I have made for friends, family and customers. I will start all the way at the beginning with my Wilton class cakes and move forward to the present day. I hope you enjoy!!

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