Friday, February 25, 2011

Chris's Boxing Birthday Cake

Within the past year my friend Chris has gotten heavily into boxing. I thought there was no better cake for him than a boxing cake. Unfortunately, it did not really come out how I had envisioned it. I have heard from the start of my interest in cake decorating how hard it is to get a really deep red. I never thought it would be all that hard. Well, let me tell you. I used so much of my red icing I thought there was no way it couldn't be red, but it never really turned. Instead, it kind of stayed in this weird dark salmon color. I shaped the gloves out of fondant and painted on the black accents with icing coloring. Like I said, not my best work but it is nonetheless a cake I made for my friend Chris. The cake is chocolate with buttercream icing and fondant boxing gloves.

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