Friday, February 25, 2011

Adam's 30th Birthday Boob Cake

The minute I started thinking about making a birthday cake for my friend Adam, boobs came to mind. I knew it had to be something boobilicious. I started looking around and found a few great ideas.. This cake was definitely an interesting one to make. I am thankful I had an entire day off of work to make it because I started around noon and did not finish until around 8-8:30 in the evening. I made a sheet cake and then two semi round cakes for the breasts. When I was measuring the bowl I was thinking of using to the sheet pan, I thought it would end up being perfect in size. It turns out that the bowls made the cakes much bigger than I anticipated. I had to cut the bowl cakes down in order to get them both to fit on the sheet cake without falling off of the sides. For my first attempt I think it came out pretty good. I know that the nipples are a little high and the breast part isn't sculpted as "womanly" as it could be, but for my first attempt I am more than happy. This was also my first time trying to do the corenelli lace. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. All in all I was very happy. Adam was more than thrilled. He sure did love his boobs. The cake was chocolate with buttercream, covered in fondant with fondant nipples and the boustier and lace were all done with buttercream.

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  1. This boob birthday cake is really interesting. Have never seen such a unique cake. Had been to my best friend’s birthday party at one of Seattle venues where her mom and sister arranged yummy buffet and adorable birthday cake. I really had great fun there.