Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Shower for a Co-Worker

A woman in my office was getting ready to have a baby so the office threw her a baby shower. I offered to make a cake. The first thing that popped into my head was rubber duckies. I searched high and low for plastic rubber duckies. I had thought about making them out of fondant, but was afraid of how horrible my sculpting skills would be. Maybe I should have tried it.. I don't know. At Rite Aid I finally found this cute set of rubber duckies. My thought was to have the three small ones on the cake and give the big mama to the mama. I had such problems with this cake that I needed all four to cover up my blunders. It all goes back to that bad flour. This cake basically crumbled into pieces, but somehow I thought I could salvage it and put it together. After a little phone call to the mom and another to my best friend, I started putting the pieces together with buttercream. It actually turned out really well. No one could really tell that it was a big ball of cake before I had buttercream glued it all back together. The cake was chocolate with buttercream and buttercream suds... again, I know, needing to branch out here. At least the rubber duckies were something totally different, being that they were plastic. She loved the cake and loved that she got to take these rubber duckies home. Everyone seemed to love the idea that all of the baby ducks fit onto the back of the mama duck. It was very cute.

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