Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jenn's Bridal Shower Cupcakes

For my cousin Jenn's bridal shower, I made some cupcakes. The pictures to the left show an up close picture of the cupcakes and then the way that they were all set up at her shower. The cupcakes were vanilla with a vanilla buttercream frosting in hot pink, green and white. This was definitely an experience.

I had offered to make cupcakes for my cousins bridal shower. She lives in Colorado, I live in California. I had been thinking about what the best way to get cupcakes made and have as much social time as possible. So, I decided to bake the cupcakes at home in California and transport them on my carry on to Colorado. I packaged them up as tightly as I could and put them in my carry-on. I was impressed how well they held up. There were definitely a few that were too smooched together to use, but all in all the transportation was a success. The TSA lady at security had a good long laugh at me.

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